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Pre-purchase inspection

Pre-purchase home inspection report

A Pre-Purchase inspection is an essential part of the home buying process. Inspecting the visible and accessible components and systems of a building helps you better asses if your investment is in the expected condition. The following is what we look at in general:


Foundation: The inspection report will report any anomaly, movements, cracks that cause issues with the property

Structure: What we focus on during the inspection report is the general shape. Are there any sagging issues, wall cracks, hard to open doors or windows

Exterior: This part of the inspection report focuses on any issues regarding the siding, the roofing, ventilation access

Roof: One of the most important component of any construction, the inspection report focuses on any possible leaks, displaced flashing, broken shingles and the overall condition.

Plumbing: A vital element of your home, the inspection report will let you know the type of plumbing used, the life expectancy of the plumbing, signs of leaking and any concern for the integrity of property

Electricity: This part of the inspection report focuses on finding faulty wiring, open grounds, exposed wiring, damaged connection and anything that can be visible to the trained eye.

Heating and ventilation(HVAC): Although we do not open the furnace, our inspection report will tell you if the heating system is in working order. We will activate all HVAC units to make sure they are working properly and check for issues that would need to be addressed.

Interior: Here we look at the general points. The inspection report tells you about the windows, the doors, flooring and the overall condition of the property.

Insulation: A very important part of any house, the insulation plays a key role in keeping you comfortable during the cold winter months and scorching heat waves of summer. Our inspection report will give you a better understanding of the insulation for your house, with tips on how to lower your energy consumption.

Basement: The most important part for a home inspection, the basement is where a good majority of issues can be found. Be it water infiltration, insufficient insulation, cracked concrete slab or other problems.

If the buyer chooses to attend the inspection, he will be better able to understand the general state of the property. Also he will be able to ask any questions about the property as the inspection progresses. So that when he receives his inspection report, he will better visualize the items discussed.


The inspection report gives a clear understanding of the general state of the property at the time of the inspection. The inspection report’s goal is to identify any major defects which can decrease the use, enjoyment or the value of a building or which represents a risk to the safety of the occupants at the time of the inspection. The inspector observes and emits his comments on the state of the systems and the components to inform his customer.


The inspection is made according to the Standard of practice of Internachi, North america,s biggest home inspection association, accredited by the OACIQ


The inspection report includes a clear, easy to follow, written report complete with pictures, within 48 hours following the inspection.


A well maintained house is easier to sell, at a higher price. Unfortunately, we consider that 50 % * of houses on the market have at least one major issue. And in many cases, the seller might not even be aware!